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Tamil literature has a strong, and long literary tradition continuing more than two thousand years. The period of Tamil literature divided into Sangam period, Post-Sangam period, and modern era. Sangam and Post-Sangam period was best for poetry. All poetry collected as two kinds of collections. Such as Eighteen Greater Texts (between 100 BCE and 200 CE)., Eighteen Short Texts (between 200 CE – 500 CE). There was two types of collection in Eighteen Greater Texts, Eight Anthologies, and Ten Idylls. Here is a list of famous poetry from all of the periods of Tamil literature.

Famous Tamil Poetry Books List

Poems were taken a great place in Tamil literature.  The poetry books were not the only favorite to the generation before, but these are also very popular to the present age. Here are the best poetry book list and short information.


Tirukkural was written by Thiruvalluvar, who was a celebrated Tamil poet and philosopher. This book is one of the best poetry books, which everyone should read. This book divided into three sections. The first section has 38 chapters, Second has 70, and the Third section has 25 chapters. There is a total of 1330 Couplets or Kurals in this poetry book, by consisting of 10 Couplets or Kurals in each chapter. Tirukkural first published in 1812. Tirukkural has written in Old Tamil. Then is Translated into English in 1840.


Chithalai Chathanar wrote Manimekalai, is one of The Five Great Epics of Tamil Literature. Chithalai Satthanar is also known as Satthanar. Manimekalai is a poem in 30 chapters. There is some dispute about the exact date of publishing of this book. Manimekalai was written between A.D. 890 and 950 A.D. The story of this poetry is a sequel to another of the Five Great Epics, Silappatikaram. It tells the story of the daughter of Kovalan and Madhavi.


Ramavataram was written by the Tamil poet Kambar (was a medieval Tamil Hindu poet) during the 12th century. Ramavataram is popularly known as Kambaramayanam. The story is about Valmiki’s Ramayana. The story of this poetry book describes the life of King Rama of Ayodhya. Ramavataram divided into six chapters, which is known as Kandam. The Kandams further divided into 123 sections, which is known as Padalam in Tamil. The compilation of this book was published by in 1976.


Silappatikaram is one of the great works of Tamil literature. The Hermit prince Ilango Adigal is credited with this work. He was the younger brother of reputed warrior king Senguttuvan of the Chera dynasty. Silappadikaram achieve high regard by the Tamil people. Silappatikaram contains three chapters, which is a total of 5270 lines of poetry. Silappatikaram was later republished as The Tale Of An Anklet, what is one of Five Great Epics.


Various Jain poets of Tamil Nadu wrote Naladiyar. These secular ethics type poetry book has 400 poems. This book was collected in the post-Sangam period, which was between 100 CE and 500 CE. Every verse of this book contains four lines, which is deal with morals and ethics.

Finally, you can collect these poetry books or collections. Some of these are now may translate into English. You can get these over online. Thanks for visiting our web site.


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